Hey there! Thanks for visiting our site! We are Jason + Heather Barr, a husband + wife photography team based out of North Carolina. 

There's just something about weddings that we love. The realness. The emotion. The stories. But above all...we're most passionate about marriage. It's a beautiful thing, and we're so incredibly honored to be able to be a part of so many beautiful beginnings. We have photographed weddings nationwide and we love to travel for destination weddings

You may have seen us around, in books, magazines, and on the web! Our work has been published in the Rustic Wedding Chic Book, Southern Bride Magazine, The Knot, Weddings Magazine, and countless other blogs and publications worldwide. 

A little more about us? We love all things vintage, coffee, Bob Dylan, walking and talking, winter coats, going to concerts, seeing new places, enjoying good food, spontaneous trips to the mountains, gardening, guitars, and Jesus. Jason's a geek and Heather's a bit of a nerd. Heather's the introvert, and Jason's the extrovert. Together, we're the perfect balance. We have a sweet kitty that we rescued and named "Frederic" (named after Chopin, read why here) and he's our little buddy, and we recently adopted another kitty named "Miss Kitty" as we moved out to the country to get some fresh air. We also have two adopted Blue Heelers, "Blue" and "Scout" and we're thankful that we get to give them a home and a family. God has blessed us, and we're so thankful to be able to do what we do. Shoot us an email and say "hello!"

Heather picked up a camera and very quickly became attached to it. Photography became one of her favorite things to do. She loved how much she could express herself this way without words...she loved seeing the world through the lens. So she decided to learn all that she could learn and soak up everything she could. A couple years later she met Jason, the love of her life, and photography soon became something they both shared and enjoyed. Over time Jason + Heather realized that photography was something they were meant to do. Things “clicked” (literally :) and the rest is history...

For Heather, it’s about “telling the story”....capturing the imagination of a child...a tear of joy...life. It’s about the excitement of sharing a breathtaking image with a client... and the study of “light” and how to capture it beautifully. For Jason, it’s about learning new and innovative things....researching equipment, both old and new...playing with light....and incorporating his passion for music and guitars into photography. For us, it’s about working together to tell your story.
— As told by Jason + Heather