Some of my favorite shots that I’ve ever taken are ones that just about didn’t happen. Those times when I could be concerned about what someone else might think of me... (maybe my attention was drawn to something that wasn’t happening in the spotlight at the time, or a delicate, emotional moment where I have to be careful not to intrude) but I’m always happy that I did capture that moment. These shots are almost always of those moments happen in a split second and then they’re gone, and yet captured on film forever.
— Heather
I’m Heather. I am silly, serious, complex, random, sometimes I’m a “wallflower”… and I am truly, truly blessed.

I like to think of photography as a way of communication, being able to portray a message without words. Sometimes there are no words and there shouldn’t be any words - all you need is a photograph. I love to photograph beauty as I see it through the lens. Beautiful light, emotion, people, life...

I tend to be a dreamer and a planner (I LOVE a good plan :) and I honestly really love weddings. I love everything about them, I get excited about them, and I love talking about them with our couples and hearing about their vision for their day, and I love seeing it come to life.

I’m passionate about marriage. It’s super important to remember that marriage is what all this wedding stuff is really about. The wedding day is only the beginning. It is my prayer to be a blessing to our couples and to give them beautiful photographs to remember this day and to remind them of the love and commitment they made to each other.
— Heather
I’ve got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane
— Bob Dylan

Birthday: July 30th

Fave Lens: Do I have to choose? Primes. I love the 35 mm and the 85 mm the most though.

Favorite part of photography: Telling the "story" of the wedding day. Communicating without words. Also, meeting amazing people (because we have met some amazing couples!)

Favorite Music: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Aoife O'Donovan, Django Reinhardt, Susan Tedeschi, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline, Dean Martin, Bethel Music, Patty Griffin, Ane Brun, Otis Redding, Sara Groves, Brooke Waggoner, Jesus Culture, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Rosie Thomas, Louis Armstrong, Melody Gardot, Andrew Bird, Chopin, Agnes Obel, Amelia, Sam Phillips, Eva Cassidy, The Wailin' Jennys, Tennis, Fleetwood Mac, Glenn Miller, Brooke Fraser, Cat Power, Ray LaMontagne, Connie Francis.... the list goes on...and on.

Favorite Season: Fall (although now that I have a flower garden I am just as much in love with Spring)

Guilty Pleasure Website(s): Pinterest (it's GREAT for planning!) and Netflix.

Other Faves: Good coffee, road trips, collecting records and spinning vinyl, listening to music in my car, journaling, reading a magazine on the back porch on a sunny day, daydreaming, moccasins, breakfast on a Saturday morning, going on a hike, good food with friends, leather boots, anything "Fall", looking out the window, thrift shopping, vintage cameras, spending time with my husband and driving him crazy with my crazy, curious mind :)